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Job/Internship Opportunities

Collegiate Leadership Internship Program (CLIP)


CLIP is a paid summer internship experience in NYC that seeks to foster and develop progressional and lay leadership in the Jewish community. CLIP matches undergraduate students who have an interest in pluralistic Jewish life and culture with engageing, substantive internships at a variety of public and private sector employers, where they are provided with mentorship and guided devleopment of new skills. It is open to rising sophomores, juniors and seniors from any campus. Applicants must commit to living within a commutable distance from NYC for the summer. There is a $20 application fee and the application is due by February 15th. More information on CLIP.

Government Advocacy Internship Program 
For the summer of 2018, the Simon Wiesenthal Center is proud to announce the third year of its local Government Advocacy Internship Program. This program is centered on developing and introducing the next generation of Jewish youth to the mechanics of state and municipal government, politics and advocacy. The program is geared for college and graduate level students from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and throughout the Northeast Region. Students who wish to be considered should demonstrate an interest in public policy and a commitment to the future of Jewish communal advocacy. 
Applications must be submitted to SWC Eastern Director: Michael Cohen at [email protected] by APRIL 10, 2018. Additional information and the application.